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Support/Contract Options

To better serve your needs, we have many support options available.


Our Support Options Are:

1) Standard Maintenance Policy

Ø        This option is the Standard Maintenance policy offered to each new client upon first visit.

Ø        The first hour of service is billed at the Quoted Rate. (See rate sheet for current hourly rate.)

Ø        Time is billed on an HOURLY basis, with each hour billed at the Quoted Rate.

2) Monthly Maintenance Contract

Ø        This option provides for continual monthly maintenance of each machine in your organization; including periodic (monthly) attention to EACH machine.

Ø        See our MMC Rates for currently configured per month fees.

§          These prices are not in stone, but are not expected to increase in the foreseeable future.

Ø        This option is a yearly service requiring a signed contract, paid monthly, and due on the 1st of each month.

§          There are no NET days. Payments are considered delinquent if not received by the first business day of the month.

§          A statement can be mailed 10 days prior to due date.

3) Hourly Maintenance Banking (pre-paid hours)

Ø        This option provides for maintenance of any machine in your organization – similar to the Standard Maintenance Policy, with the exception that since each hour is pre-paid, there is a discount.

Ø        This option is configured at 75% of the quoted per hour rate.

Ø        This option is a prepaid service requiring a signed contract. It does not begin until hours are banked, and ends when hours are depleted without further banking. (There are no NET days.)

§          Banked hours do not expire until used.

4) Minimal Service Prepaid Maintenance

Ø        This option is very similar to the Standard Maintenance Policy in that the first hour of necessary service per month would be billed at the Quoted Rate, but differs in that any ‘incidental’ visits would be billed on a ¼ hr basis, rather than the standard One Hour Minimum per visit.

Ø        This option is also a “prepaid” service and requires a signed contract.

Ø        This PREPAID option can be configured for you at your quoted rate times the estimated average monthly incident requirement.

§          For example, if your quoted rate were $125.00 per hour, and we estimate your average monthly incident requirement to be three visits, then we would configure this plan for you at $187.50 per month, Prepaid, with any overages (over 1 visit + 2 incidentals) being billed and payable immediately


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