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We offer both Client- and Server-specific installation & setup packages

Client Services
Basic Client Installation Service
-Includes: Unpack, inspect and inventory system. Set up and connect system unit, mouse, keyboard, local printer and communications network cable, Connect power cords and plugs. Switch on and power up each device. Ensure operating system comes up to standard desktop. Enter TCP/IP address and networking configurations. Verify network login was successful. Move all packaging material to a local customer-designated area. Obtain customer sign-off if completion and provide customer with completed installation record 

-Qty 1 unit #BCP2000        $250

Enhanced Client Installation Service
-Includes: All items described above in the Basic Service plus disconnect old system, pack up old system and move old system to local customer-designated area. 

-Qty 1 unit #ECP2000         $350

Enhanced Installation with Onsite Data Migration
Let SJC take care of it all for you. Includes the services described above for Enhanced Installation, plus your SJC trained technician will perform the data migration of you old files and settings to your new SJC system and ensure that all files are converted to your new operating system. 

-Qty 1 unit #ECM2000         $495

Server Services
Basic Server Installation Service Entry/Mainstream
-Includes: Unpack, inspect and inventory server hardware, assemble server components, install server in rack, install supported options, install single RAID configuration, provide a review to customer on basic system procedures and provide customer with completed installation record 

-Qty 1 unit #BSP2000         $995

Basic Server Installation Service Enterprise/High End
-Includes: All terms described above in the Basic Service. 

-Qty 1 unit #ESP2000         $1495

Server Rack Installation Service
-Includes: Inventory rack components, assemble rack according to Industry specs. secure rack to floor/wall, verify correct installation of power components and grounding and move all packaging material to local customer-designated area 

-Qty 1 unit #ESR2000         $795

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