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It is our goal at S.Jensen Computing to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete computer support available in the market. With over 25 years' experience in the computer service industry, we are more than qualified to diagnose and repair a vast array of problems arising from today's complex PC, Networking and Internet environments.
Give us a call, and see that we are a leader in the Computer Support market and we remember that you, the customer, are still a very important part of our business.

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Do you need a resource you can trust to:

-    know your environment

-    be available in an emergency

-    recommend the right solution

-    give you the fairest, best price


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We know how it feels to need a solution
 and have none readily available


We still remember
what Customer Service means

Support Note: The registry is a very dangerous place to go 'ROAMING' - one mistake can totally disable your machine - even to the point of requiring a complete re-installation of your operating system. We recommend you never go there without specific knowledge and directed instruction of what you have to do.
(SJC) is a registry expert... We can safely remove most* registry problems and determine the extent of damage (if any) that your particular registry problem has sustained on your system.

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*Some problems ARE irreversible

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